The Fedcap Group Launches iWORK!

April 5, 2021

“Let us realize that the privilege to work is a gift, the power of work is a blessing, the love of work is success.” – David O. McKay

Work matters. If we did not know it before, the pandemic reminded us. Work generates self- esteem, hope, a sense of belonging, a confidence in the future.

As states and cities across the nation transform lives and communities hit hardest by the pandemic, The Fedcap Group is launching iWORK! – a clarion call for leaving no one behind and giving every person a fair shot and an equal chance to get ahead with a job at a living wage. The iWORK! campaign will leverage the voices of people who have overcome barriers to employment to demonstrate how the path to a good job is a life-changing experience. We’ll amplify this message—with data and research—through podcasts, social media, panel discussions, white papers and advocacy.

Helping people of all backgrounds obtain and maintain a good job is The Fedcap Group’s contribution to counter the exclusion and marginalization that exists, especially for people of color and people with disabilities. These circumstances have only worsened during the pandemic:

  • 9.9 percent of Black workers and 8.5 percent of Latino workers were unemployed in February 2021, compared to 5.6 percent of white workers.
  • 20 percent of people with disabilities participated in the labor force as opposed to 66 percent of people without disabilities during the pandemic in December 2020. Recent research also suggests that only 15 percent of working-age adults supported by state I/DD agencies held an integrated job.
  • 21.2 percent of workers without a high school degree were unemployed in April 2020 compared to 8.4 percent of workers with a bachelor’s degree or higher. The gap between educated and less-educated workers remained in December 2020.

As The Fedcap Group continues our mission of over eight decades—to address inequities and injustices with access to meaningful work at competitive wages—we hope to garner more champions in this struggle. Our iWORK! campaign will:

  • Build a virtual community connecting individuals who value the importance of work to something larger–a movement that promotes work for all and exhibits the impact an employed citizenry can have on the lives of individuals, families and our communities.
  • Demonstrate, through people’s personal experiences, why work matters.
  • Build a compelling voice to advocate for public policy that will change the job landscape.
  • Provide education to business … why hiring people with disabilities and other barriers to economic well-being matters to their future bottom line.

Findings show that benefits of hiring people with disabilities and other employment barriers includes improvements in profitability (e.g., profits and cost-effectiveness, turnover and retention, reliability and punctuality, employee loyalty, company image), competitive advantage (e.g., diverse customers, customer loyalty and satisfaction, innovation, productivity, work ethic, safety), inclusive work culture, and ability awareness. The benefits for people hired includes improved quality of life and income, enhanced self-confidence, expanded social network, and a sense of community.

In other words, the inclusion of people of diverse backgrounds and abilities encourages everyone to be their best selves.

As our country starts to slowly come back from the economic and social crises resulting from the pandemic, and as businesses start opening their doors and hiring staff, we want to ensure that those hired represent all of society. Stay tuned to learn how you can join The Fedcap Group’s iWORK! campaign.

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