Why Trying Matters A Great Deal

“It is common sense to take a method and try it. If it fails, admit it frankly and try another. But above all, try something.” 

— Franklin D. Roosevelt

Every day, everything we do within The Fedcap Group is in service to creating opportunities for people with barriers to economic well-being.

Every day, we challenge the status quo—not accepting the stigma or the prejudice or the inherent bias that people with barriers face.

Every day, we are testing new ways to impact chronic societal problems.

And, every day, we are implementing precise interventions to change the course of an individual life.

And, every day we are trying to improve the world.  This is the only way that a legacy will be transformed, a system will be disrupted for the better, generational poverty will be eradicated…by trying.

It is our responsibility to keep trying, to keep learning, to keep taking risks, because it is in the trying that the true action—and results—lie.

At The Fedcap Group, we talk openly about trying. We are radical about improvement and relentless about truth.  We do not minimize or trivialize the act of trying.  We know that while we can’t always guarantee where the trying will land us, the very nature of developing a “spirit of trying” across the agency, communicates a belief in what is possible, what can happen when good people strive to do something right, something important, something honorable.

I know that as a leader, I must lead by trying.  I must demonstrate the impact of trying.  I must charter a course of trying … and point to the importance of trying as a driving value of the agency.

How do you articulate the “trying”? What does “trying” looking like in the day-to-day life of your organization?