“One of the special things about working at Fedcap is that everyone’s perspective matters. The most junior people on a team are encouraged to voice their opinions, ask questions, and suggest solutions and everyone is expected to actively contribute to the overall success of the project.”

Lyell Ritchie

Vice President, Business Development

Lyell Ritchie joined Fedcap in August of 2009 as Vice President of Strategic Business Development. Prior to joining Fedcap, Lyell spent almost 30 years in various Information Technology roles. His most recent employer was Compuware Corporation where he worked for 16 years. During that time he steadily advanced through the organization and held positions that included Project Director, Strategic Account Manager, and Regional Director. He was responsible for building and sustaining several of Compuware’s largest and most profitable engagements.

Areas of Expertise

• Business Development

• Organizational change management

• Strategic planning

• Business Planning

• System design

• Workflow and process optimization

• Collaboration and consensus building

Contact Information

Lyell Ritchie
Vice President, Business Development, The Fedcap Group